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Business Credit Building FAQs


The benefits of the TrueBuild Corporate Credit Program are three-fold:

First, as an entrepreneur, you must COMPLETELY understand the real importance of having and establishing your business credit (see next FAQ). We are the only service COMPLETELY dedicated to your success. We have been in business longer than any major service and have literally been copied by all of the noteworthy providers costing ten times as much. We do not sign you up to offer coaching or other nonsense upgrades to get you in the system when they fail to deliver, and subsequently costing you thousands. The price you see is what you get and it's worth its weight in gold (cards).

Second, with more members than all services combined, our collective pool of the latest information is our single largest resource. There is simply no problem or concern you might have that we have not already addressed. However, if an issue arises we will address it and solve it, together.

Third, Business Credit is not a difficult process, yet hundreds have tried to do it on their own rather than pay copy-cat services thousands for assistance. If you make mistakes, they are irreparable. Unlike personal credit, business credit has no protection. That is why we specifically DO NOT ever want to charge companies insane fees to do what is so simple for us. It has to be done correctly and in the right sequence. We have kept our costs down and are here to help find you resources; business credit and cash flow and we are dedicated to helping you achieve the success, credit score, and income of your dreams. We are not here to take it away.

We GUARANTEE, you are going to get more for less from us and we will get your Business Credit established.

Business Credit can be referred to as many things, one of them being Trade Credit. Trade or Business Credit is the single largest source of credit and bartering on terms in the world so far, vastly out-seeding personal credit. We all know what a FICO score is and the algorithms used by Fair Issac, and in general everyone knows that when making a large personal purchase, a score over 800 is considered good. Based upon that score, we all know we are going to get approved for personal credit products running the gamut from credit cards to home loans.

What is truly amazing is that business owners do not know what their Paydex or Intelliscores are. Business credit is almost exactly like personal credit. When you start a business and structure it correctly, it is a separate, living, breathing entity that has its own credit and it will outlive you as the primary principle or share holder. It certainly dumbfounds us at CCN credit why 9 out of 10 businesses fail due to cash flow issues, especially when given basic common knowledge of business credit scores.

Would you ever buy a home without knowing your FICO score? Perhaps 5 years ago you didn't know, but this is the Internet age of unlimited information and there is simply no excuse to not fully take advantage of the cash flow enhancements using a separate credit profile for your business offers.

Secondly, and almost as important, what if you are one of the 90 percent who don't make it when starting your business. Why in the world would you put you and your family as risk to lose everything? Every single day members sign up because they previously had good personal credit and leveraged every last penny to build their business. They simply did not have the cash flow to sustain until they reached their dreams. As entrepreneurs, it is in our spirit to try and try again until we do succeed and these hard lessons only make us stronger. I personally implore you, as a business owner, that even if you do not join the CCN program, get incorporated and use your business credit to achieve your success instead of putting your personal assets at risk.

As an all-star office supply sales representative in 2001, I was in the same situation. I decided that it was time to take my accounts with me in the advent of the Internet age to achieve success while helping others do the same. As an experienced and well-versed salesman, I found it was not too difficult to build a nationwide company. What I did not know as the absolute most important aspect in building a business or being a real entrepreneur was credit and cash flow. When clients didn't pay on time, I could not pay on time and that was a harsh lesson for me and my own personal credit. If my company was going to sell hundreds of thousands in office supplies every month, I had to have corporate credit!

Thus began the journey into helping literally tens of thousands of start-ups all the way through to well-established Fortune 10000 companies. Today we have the most intensive research staff that seek out and explore the latest and hottest ways to legally strengthen, build, grow and establish a separate business entity.

There are two main ways business credit can help you. First, we can help you build your business credit profile so you will be approved online for credit cards instantly without using your social security number. These simple credit cards translate into cash flow, whether it be for Dell computers, Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Phones, Equipment, Trucks, or regular Credit Cards

The second way we can help is sometimes industry specific. If I am a construction company and want to bid a job and take a deposit, how do I get my materials? It is so simple and basic. If I am a clothing company or store, and I want to get all my hot new items for the Christmas season WITHOUT using my personal credit, how do I do this? Just have the wholesaler or manufacturer finance you. Everyone knows what NET-30 billing is, but it is incredulous that with a little attention and a few hundred dollars, you can increase your credit lines with trade credit 100-fold! You CAN have the purchasing and trade credit leverage of companies that are ten times the size of your company.

As a business owner/ entrepreneur, how can you possibly start or grow a business and expect to be successful without having or knowing your business credit score? That is our mission – to help as many business owners as possible realize their dreams and guide them through one of the most simple, yet most important aspects of their business – Cash Flow.

If you are in desperate need of money to stay afloat, I hope we can help you. There is no other service or place on the planet that has more insider information or real assistance than CCN. If you are building your business, don't be crazy, KNOW your credit scores, PAY your bills on-time, and LEARN how to create the business credit of a company PRO-actively. Better yet, don't use ANY personal credit, family money, venture capital – start your business using business credit and grow it fast!

If you see the need for Business Credit as an Entrepreneur, CCN is the definitive answer. We have become the largest service of our kind in the world. We hope to empower you and grow with you, giving you increasingly HELPFUL and ETHICAL insider information on what banks to use, what to do and how to do it. We are a profitable company, and we are truly the only service that is taking your membership fees to empower our knowledge base. There is a huge difference between us and the handful of other companies that are out to make as much money as possible.

You will see us grow whether or not you join our service. But we sincerely hope that in taking the time to read this, you will join us and understand the importance of this aspect of your business, which is generating CASH FLOW without personally guaranteeing any of it!

Once you have become a member of the CCN program, you will receive a user name and password to use when accessing the members only area of the website. We will work together to asses what your credit goals are and what type of business credit cards are most beneficial. Initially it is necessary to lay the foundation for your business as a separate legal entity. This process includes: obtaining and registering your company address and phone number, choosing a business structure, and getting incorporated. Your assigned technician will double check all of these areas to make sure that you are listed correctly and are in full compliance to build proper and separate business credit.

Next we begin by opening what are called "vendor" accounts. These are large nationwide companies that will extend credit to your corporation based upon the very minimal credit your company may have. Concurrently, we are going to be obtaining your company's credit identifying numbers (DUNS and Experian BIN) , at no cost, NEVER pay for these! There are various tricks and techniques for getting these overnight. As your company places very small and minimal initial orders with the vendors (selling things you need like office supplies), CCN is also reporting your open credit line with us per your monthly credit extension and membership fee. During this initial jump-start period we are going to look at what credit your company might already have and see if we can add those lines or perhaps push the process a long even faster if they have been reported. Some corporations may even already have a Paydex score established which is fairly easy but not enough trades with high enough amounts, equaling only minor credit, like a staples credit line for example.

Once this stage is complete we move on to the Commercial Credit areas where we start by getting approvals from Citi backed cards such as corporate / commercial gas cards, office supply companies, computer vendors, direct vendors like Apple or Tiger Direct etc. This in turn, if done in the proper sequence, avoids any extraneous inquiries or frustrating declines. Again at no time do we EVER want to use the owner (s) personal guarantee for anything as it defeats the purpose of separating one's credit files. We will work together on a massive list of retail creditors and the requirements that each one requires to get approved.

Here is where most DIY researchers make the most mistakes and pro long any real results for months and years, inquiries DO matter when it comes to business credit. Entrepreneurs by nature want to do everything themselves and a lot of us have our lives wrapped up in our business so we are "control freaks" to put it mildly. Those that go it alone end up destroying their Experian scores almost every time thinking that they can find the applications themselves online and know what they are doing. Once you have more than a few declines without really knowing what to do next your business credit approvals will halt for many months. We run into his every day. Don't trust ANYTHING you read from a forum, ever.

The final step that the TrueBuild program goes over is leveraging your business credit score to obtain advanced approvals. Some of the advanced approvals we will help you secure are no PG credit cards (Yes, Visa and M/C without a SSN), LOC's, cash loans, large equipment leasing, micro loans, and purchasing private and commercial property.

It takes 60 to 180 days to establish a good file with business credit agencies and get the approvals without a personal guarantor. What normally takes years we can establish within a matter of months based on pro-actively following certain simple steps in the exact order and correctly. Think about it, will any real lender finance you personally without good FICO credit scores? The answer is NO. If you have bad or no personal credit, you can only find very high interest money. The same is true if you have no business credit scores. No real lender will finance your business if it does not have good business credit scores.

Did you know that without having good business credit scores, lenders will rely solely on your personal credit? So, if you have a FICO score above a 700, and are willing to risk your personal credit, then you have a chance of being financed. Less than optimal personal credit will result in declines, unless of course you have stellar business credit scores.

We have a list of dozens of vendors that will offer lines of credit to all CCN members during the start-up phase. Over the years we have developed relationships with these companies to offer our members exclusive deals that no one else receives. Most importantly, these vendors will report your positive trades with Dun and Bradstreet and Experian Business. The vendors know that as an CCN member, you are dedicated to building a strong business credit profile, and therefore, will be afforded a credit line without a personal guarantee. This is any area however where you should also be careful as over the years bad information has propagated and what and who reports, additionally many companies like a mirror to personal credit scams and will charge and get their word out via forums that they report and you should basically pay them for a useless product or service and it will get reported. This can and does most of the time get your business red flagged. These companies contact us all the time, and each one thinks the idea is a new one. Every time DNB finds out and we know of hundreds of companies permanently flagged again trying to do this on their own with bad information. The vendors you will be using with TrueBuild are guaranteed to be accurate and ethical and the ones that have an exclusive agreement with us you will not find anywhere else for exactly this reason.

Some of the types of vendors that we are partnered with are:

  • Office Supplies
  • Graphic and Logo Design
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Printing and Promotional
  • Web Design and E-Commerce
  • Merchant, Banking, and Financial Services
  • Marketing and Advertising

You will not have any fees or dues from CCN credit beyond your initial membership agreement, but you will need to purchase items or services using your business credit accounts so that your credit lines are reported to the appropriate agencies. We have many vendors that offer all sorts of business services and products ranging from office supplies, logo design, computers, and printing. These are useful competitively priced business products and services from nationwide companies you already know of. So to answer your question, it is up to you how much you will want to put on the business's credit from the beginning, but even very small purchases are reported (as low as $10 and billed as Net-30) So if you can afford to order a ream of paper all the way up to an entire office suite and pay the bill you can build business credit. Rather than buying $20 worth of office supplies from Office Depot whom does not report except for collections, you will place that order Net 30 terms with one of the CCN vendors that have agreed to extend credit to your business regardless of circumstances and it will be reported, building your credit profile.

Sorry but we no longer accept e-checks, Visa/ MC/ Discover or you may inquire with your representative for other options.

How Can CCN Help my Business?

Yes that is what we do. We specialize in helping startup companies, like you, with little or no business credit history established, build business credit in order to obtain company credit cards, corporate leases and creative financing. We are the best solution available of our kind to build your business credit without using your SSN.

If you have very poor personal credit, or are not willing to use your personal credit and SSN, we CAN help! In a nutshell, what we will do is build a corporate credit profile totally separate from your personal credit, which is the lifeline to any business as a FICO score is to a homebuyer. As a creative example, in addition to non-PG credit cards, we can do a lease-back where by you will lease equipment like a computer system, then lease-back the value for cash. This will have a slightly higher rate and you will be paying the lease and the interest on the loan but will accomplish your goal in obtaining extra cash without the need for a PG. This is just one example of many ways we can use Business Credit creatively within step seven. Getting top tier auto financing, leasing and buying commercial property and equipment you might not be able to get with your personal credit or guarantee, the list can go on. We are the largest and most successful on the Internet at building business credit that you will use to show the success and legitimacy of your business. We will accomplish what normally takes years or decades in building your files.

If you have gone through or are going through a bankruptcy or home repossession and want to start a business, you would be crazy not to join. Not only can you still have some dignity by having credit cards from about 30 retailers like Target, Chevron, Exxon, Sears and Home Depot, but you will be able to obtain some creative financing like equipment leases or other options you may need to get your business up and running. Obtaining computers from large companies like Dell or Apple, business machines and equipment, cars, there are literally thousands of ways having a business credit file scan help you and your companies during lean and good times.

If you already have some business credit established you are off to a great start! We are going to build on what you have already started. Yes if you have a file started with the major business reporting agencies then we can do it in less time. In addition we can help you maximize your credit score by showing you how to make sure the credit lines you may already have are reporting properly. We are then going to give you the resources you need to take out more credit lines and extensions using you business credit and add several additional vendors to increase your score dramatically.

One of the most important facets of building business credit is incorporating your business. Without being incorporated, the only credit you can use to finance your business is personal credit. If your intent is to build business credit, then you must get incorporated. We have searched hundreds of resources on the internet to find the best way for you to incorporate your business at the lowest possible cost to you. In fact, we have set up a partnership with BizFilings.com to offer CCN members an exclusive deal to incorporate their business at a special discounted rate. Contact us if you would like further information. We can also incorporate you with everything you need and all the documents sent overnight as a Nevada company for $395, it's as simple as that. All state fees are paid and all inclusive. See http://corpcomply.com for more details.

CCN is completely dedicated to helping each member build and maintain a robust credit profile capable of accumulating thousands of dollars in credit from even the most difficult lenders. Most of our clients start out with no business credit history, and with our help establish a positive credit profile. Repairing a damaged business credit profile by yourself can be a tricky proposition, we can VERY easily fix your companies credit profile and take off any bad information almost overnight. Unless you have tens of thousands in bad debt, a few late payments we can just make go away.

It depends, to receive funds over and above the $50k in regular business credit and terms (about $80k as of 08/09) we will need to look at each individual case and see if there is a solution to fix the owners personal credit by utilizing the funds procured from the business. We have many clients whom have used our personal credit contacts and resources to fix BK's and sub 500 scores up and over 700 thereby easily obtaining SBA or other larger LOC's within months. There is no situation we have successfully fixed. It takes time, resources and money. We will save and get you all of these if you take our advice and work together. You will need business credit regardless to show a legitimate concern for any unsecured funds over $100k in today's market.

Absolutely, join and you will be amazed and what a lot of time and research can produce.

Getting an actual SBA Loan with poor personal credit is very difficult, especially with today's economy. Most SBA Loans are being denied, even to those with good personal credit. That is where CCN Credit comes in. There are many other resources available to tap into in order to receive creative financing and start or build your business. Trade and Business Credit can be utilized, by using our program, very quickly to obtain computers, leases, company credit cards, lines of credit from wholesalers, etc... We are the single best source for you to get your business off the ground. If you are serious about starting your business, we can help.

If you have moderate or better personal credit (680+) or are willing to go the extra mile to procure an SBA loan we are the most resourceful company you will find anywhere. There ARE several places to procure SBA micro (under $35k) and 7A loans and the new administration is boosting their efforts. We can and will help you in this process and having solid business credit IS basically a requirement. Others include a solid business plan and other factors banks look at including the SBFE (Small Business Financial Exchange) We are not a "business loan broker" that charges outrageous fees to do some simple tasks or ruins your chances of the loan you need by going to the wrong bank because they have commissions. Even worse some entrepreneurs COULD have procured their loans but an overzealous site or sales pitch led them down an inquiry path that spiraled into zero funding. We are truly here to help and make money with your membership.

Why CCN Credit?

Most importantly we want to make sure that you stay out of the high risk status and not get "red flagged" by any of the business credit bureaus while we proactively build your file within only a few months. Unlike personal credit, it is very important that you understand that there are no protections if you make any mistakes. Many have been successful at building and creating their business credit file, however we have seen every possible mistake and they get made over and over again.

Simple things that you have to make sure are done are below, in addition the exclusive vendors that are going to proactively report on your business are available only to members.

We have hundreds of members that toiled around for years, and yes you can get basic reporting vendors and things like Staples cards, but if you don't do it exactly right that is pretty much what you will get. If your looking to build real business credit in the fastest time possible, it is simply impossible to get the results on your own that we can produce with our vendor contacts and almost 10 years of experience.

  1. Make sure you are "a business" and not just "in business."
  2. Make sure all the critical agencies have your business listed correctly.
  3. Have a business bank account opened the right way to be able to build credit.
  4. Know how to obtain a high bank account rating to support business credit.
  5. Get a DUNS number for free without having to pay the $550 fee.
  6. Be able to obtain retail business credit lines that will report your business credit.
  7. Have LARGE trade lines reported to your file in excess of $5k for real results.
  8. Know where to open other business service accounts that will report your credit.
  9. Have several vendors available that are willing to extend trade credit to you now.
  10. Be able to get five (5) reporting trade credit accounts on your DUNS file ASAP.
  11. Know how to build your Paydex score to a 80 or better in the first 45 days or less.
  12. Find out which large companies will extend you credit based on your Paydex score.
  13. Know the exact approval criteria BEFORE you apply to get approved.
  14. Avoid getting stuck with declines based upon simple mistakes.
  15. Have the collective knowledge and learn from the countless mistakes of thousands of peers.
  16. Get loans or lease for up to $50,000 using your high Paydex score and excellent bank rating.
  17. Know what lenders are looking for in your DNB financials to extend credit to your business.

Use your Paydex score, financials, bank rating and business plan to get credit for $100,000+. with the RIGHT lenders in today's credit poor economy.

We have established accounts with all of the notable business credit building services, using dummy corporations, in order to evaluate their product and service. 10 years ago none of them were here, we are without question the leader and the most experienced service in the world.

We have established accounts with all of the notable business credit building services, using dummy corporations, in order to evaluate their product and service. 10 years ago none of them were here, we are without question the leader and the most experienced service in the world.

Your business has its own credit file separate from your personal credit file. CCN Credit will help you establish business credit scores from the major bureaus not unlike your personal FICO score. In these simply laid out and easy to follow steps you will open accounts with credit lines up-to $5,000 with companies we have contracts with that will not ask for your social or personal guarantee. Once you open 5 of these and reports have been filed you will get a Paydex score generated, which we will use in the next step to get approved automatically for higher retail credit cards like Dell, Target, Sears, Home Depot etc. Finally in the last steps these open credit accounts will build the file so that we can use in-house advanced approvals techniques to get you approved for a loan, lease, or advanced credit purchases you might need. There are no up-front costs at all except that you will need to make some purchases on your credit accounts for things any business might need at industry prices.

Yes our price is very reasonable and a solid value in saving time and money. We are the Internet's largest and most successful business credit building service because we keep our price affordable and offer outstanding customer support. Over the years, we have seen and heard all the excuses for these exorbitant fees time and again. The actual process for building the credit file is very simple. Do not let another company give you excuses as to why they charge so much. Most don't even add the additional trades to build your credit to a point that it can be approvable within a six month time frame, they simply "sell" lists of no PG credit grantors that are outdated. We are the industry leaders for a reason and our founder started in the same shoes. Rather than a make millions online selling others ideas CCN was started from the ground up by a fellow entrepreneur whom HAD to have business credit to stay afloat. He was successful and so will you be.

Our competitors have made hundreds of thousands of dollars making promises that they cannot keep. Some will guarantee getting you a $500,000 loan with no business credit history while others will swear that you need to pay their ridiculous price if you want to build your business credit the right way.

We pride ourselves in being honest with our members. We have a dedicated staff that is constantly looking for tips and tricks to make building your business credit easier for you. It is our priority to help the customer, even if helping the customer is saying, “We cannot help you” or “I don't know but I will find out from someone who does.”

We are one of the Internet's largest and most successful corporate credit building programs. We have been in business nine years and have assisted tens of thousands of people in building their business credit profiles. We have hundreds of testimonials from past clients thanking and praising us for helping them establish a credit profile for their business.

Give Me the Details

Yes. Rather than an affiliate program based on making small change for leads we work directly with successful members whom make a considerable amount. We currently have many CFO's, business consultants, and entrepreneurs that take a very lucrative commissions on reselling our services. We have affiliates that live on the beach a few blocks from our offices on the water in Newport Beach and make way over 5 figures, to Internet entrepreneurs that make a 25% commission on all sales that we have never spoken with.

Please call customer support immediately at (800) 730-9490, select option 2.

There is an acclimation period to building business credit and many underlying reasons why companies get approved in addition to their "Paydex" or "Intelliscore" For instance we are going to obtain for you a Paydex score in a very short amount of time but we need to add addition business creditors in a certain sequence in order to maximize the money and approval process. Anyone can get a Paydex and a Staples card, but that's not what your paying us for. Your paying CCN to MAXIMIZE your business's credit in the shortest amount of time possible. This involves higher dollar trades and several being added. We invented the process and constantly improve upon it.

The CCN credit program is specifically designed for business within the United States. All of the credit bureaus that we work with only collect credit history on companies doing business within the United States. All of the incorporation information and databases we submit your information into only apply to the United States.

We have thousands of members that are currently at different stages of the CCN program. Some of the vendors we have now have doubled and tripled their revenue just by listing themselves on our website. The members are required to purchase from the vendors listed on our site because we have explained to each vendor that they must report to the credit bureaus each time a member pays the balance owed to them on time. The members are making purchases from the vendors we have listed so they can build their business credit profile. Every single member is looking for a broad range of vendors to offer them lines of credit without requiring any background information or credit history on their business.

We have many, many very happy landscapers, contractors, and developers in the program.

We have start-up contractors that simply needed to get their materials on net-terms so they can do bigger jobs and pay for the costs after the job were done. Some with very poor personal credit have gotten off the ground simply by getting $15k cards from Home Depot and Lowes in addition to getting 30-day terms with their local concrete suppliers. They wouldn't have been able to get off the ground and make it on their own if they had to unprofessionally charge for all the materials up-front or could not take bids as high. What you going to do depending on where you're at are be able to show that you have a successful track record of payments and find suppliers that will approve you based on your companies credit and not your own. There are obvious other advantages heaven forbid you were not able to pay the companies bills you wouldn't for instance lose your house if you had a large credit line.

Other landscapers and contractors in latter stages use their business credit to procure larger machinery, trucks or whatever it is they need to lease. This can be done regardless of personal credit if done right, and puts you the owner at less of a risk allowing you to grow your business faster. If more small businesses that know their business and the value in doing a good job had a solid grasp on how to grow their financials we would see allot more true successes.

Other verticals and industries we will be posting specific case studies to give you a fuller understanding of just how important business credit is to your bottom line and how it can help.

The CCN program will give you all the tools you need to build business credit with all of the majors bureaus. These include; Dun and Bradstreet (The largest and most important), Experian, FDInsight and Equifax (Increasingly crucial due to their data partnership with the SBFE member banks and their ability to give business banking/loan history). Most have their own "branded" numerical score summaries for automated credit decision making like DNB's "Paydex" score or Experian's "Intelliscore" which are very similar, but not as complex, algorithms based on many factors. Similar to those used by Fair Issac to calculate your personal "FICO" score, these score calculations are proprietary to their respective companies and mainly take into account vendors who report good payment history. We have and extensive list of vendors who report proactively to all of the large agencies. Below is a chart with a little more info on the major Business Credit Bureaus.


  • Over 70 million businesses are registered with DNB.
  • The credit profile created by DNB uses information provided by the business owners and vendors of the business .
  • Grants a PAYDEX™ score to businesses based on payment experiences of the business.
  • Issues a DUNS Rating™ based on the financial statements of the business.
  • Has a High Risk status for companies that will destroy their ability to obtain credit if DNB finds information on a company they feel to be inconsistent with their model.

Experian Business™

  • Over 14 million businesses are registered with Experian™.
  • The credit profile created by Experian™ uses information provided by vendors only.
  • Grants an Intelliscore™ based on payment experiences.
  • They are one of the three largest personal credit bureaus.

Equifax™ Business

  • Scores are developed from:
    • Unique banking and lease payment performance information as provided by the Small Business Financial Exchange, Inc.
    • Trade payment histories
    • Public record data
    • Optional personal credit data on the business principal
  • Available scores include:
    • Small Business Financial Account Acquisition Score™
    • Small Business Financial Account Management Score™
    • Small Business/Principal Score™
    • Small Business Non-Financial Generic Risk Score™
9am-5pm Mon-Fri PST

Recent Approvals
$45K LOC, $22K Credit Line, Staples $3K, Office Depot $5k, Sears Commercial $7K, Amazon $3k, Target $5k, Comp. Lease $20k, Home Depot $3k, Dell $4k, Dell $7k, Arco $1K, MC $4k, Visa Business $12k, Sunoco $3k, Sam's Club $3k, Wal-Mart $3K, Business MC $10k, Lowe's $10k, Union 76 $3k, Biz MC $4k, Biz MC $10k, Biz MC $6k, $12K LOC, NO PG Business Auto Leases.. (13) Ford Vans, BMW 5-series, Cargo Van, (3) Ford Pickups, $10.7k micro loan, $21k Biz Loan, Paul M. $85k 23 trades, Mike B. $64K 34 trades, Hundreds More Weekly !!
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