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Who "Sells" Business Credit and What's this all about?

Why not go to the source? We've been here 15 years and will be here tomorrow!
 The newest, freshest, guaranteed process with fanatical research and relevant approvals DAILY!

E-book Logins and "Programs"... $250k is on it's way! "Would-be" Entrepreneurs join our program with no intention of helping anyone, just buying some membership software about how to be rich selling online or pay a low-end web designer to copy our site. You will be lucky to get an e-mail "coach" telling you to go back and read the site again. Truth is they have no idea how to build business credit and 99% have never done it much less in the tricky 2016 environment. Almost every utube video of supposed "experts" is an ex-client and has done it once. Most will try and up charge you to speak to minimum wage "expert coach"!! TrueBuild is the ONLY company with a full staff of researchers and technicians ready to walk you through the maze to insure it's done right. There really is one True Source of most all Business Credit research and knowledge online, and YES you have found it!

The BEST these companies can do is HOPE you don't call!

Hundreds of websites have come and gone over the years, some almost exact copies, (basically downloaded versions of our site after joining and having success with the TrueBuild program, but failing in their endeavors) They figured they could resell their success in building credit once. The problem here is that TrueBuild spends hundreds of thousands on support and learning what really works in today's economy, YES today's 2016 economy is drastically different than it was a few years ago. Some were affiliates, some resellers, and some just outright theft. Would you trust the source or a knock-off? The difference here is absolute dedication to one thing only, true seed capital under any financial circumstances the entrepreneur has. To that end nothing remotely compares, especially not old information about getting a staples card.

The TrueBuild Corporate Credit Program has been in business for 15 years, with 33,000+ clients.

With a basic search of "Business Credit" on Google 70% of the programs and content ARE NOTHING MORE THAN COPIES OF TrueBuild, most charging MORE! Rest assured if you see our verbiage, see a copy of our site, or the TrueBuild Program you will be getting scammed for dated information. What worked just a few years ago, simply does not now. This is the real 2016 program not the 2007 copied and sold program we created before the economic crash and ensuing business credit total realignment. What worked in 2007, simply does not work now.  Do you really want to build credit and bang your head after reading this with full knowledge that other programs look to us for guidance? Why would you pay more for old information from a site that can't even write it's own content or build a program?

Get to the one TRUE source of almost every business credit program available today!  Hundreds of programs were written and or copied over the last 15 years! Some are so outdated and such lies now they should be in jail! There is truly a way to build business credit and your best option is to go to the company whom outspends ALL others combined on research, has more clients than ALL others combined, and is the ONE TRUE and ORIGINAL source of all Business Credit Programs in this country today! With that said how about we get started!

Copied by everyone else over and over, and have more clients getting approved than all the other services online or otherwise COMBINED!

Business Credit Services
BCS was founded by David Gass back in the late 90’s and was one of the original companies to offer business credit building.  They did a pretty good job in the beginning but the company has morphed into a typical sales organization, after being sold recently trying to up sell you on everything from corporations to seminars. It is a shame as BCS has been a solid service and competitor since the beginning of our industry. We now employ some of their top people. * Update they are out of business now and were the only company here when we started in 2001 and are now gone.

Companies Inc:
Actually a legitimate example of what is possible with business credit, however they sell the benefits of “shelf” corporations which we highly advise against at this time. The simple fact is that an “aged” corporation is useless without seasoned credit, bank accounts, and a business license that dates back to the inc. date. Without these DNB easily identifies them and once red-flagged are useless. A few years ago this was a great alternative, but since the economy meltdown and the increasing pressure from DNB to smell these out, your chances of getting flagged are 95%. You MUST have trades and a business license for your business to be “in business” and when you tell DNB the inc. date and they do a basic business license search for that date. If no license, you are flagged. Alternatively Companies inc does have a real Corporate Credit Program but the costs can be prohibitive.

DNB®* : $350-600
Lastly, in the beginning, the credit bureaus themselves were in the business of selling your good business credit profile to credit grantors, but over the years DNB®* (Experian Business does not do this) has charged increasingly for an "active" credit profile. This is simply the farthest thing from the truth. If you pay DNB®* you will be doing the same thing you can do yourself for free. That is simply getting a D-U-N-S®* number, anyone with a legitimate corporation can do this overnight. The "credit builder" "active file" or other terminology they use is basically the ability to "add" trades to your file. But there is one huge area to be very aware of, the phone reps will tell you that you can "submit' anyone who has offered your company credit. Well hundreds of companies have come to us after having paid for this and there are two major issues. One if your "vendor" already reports to DNB®* it will be rejected, even if you don't see their trade showing up on your file. Second if your "vendor" does not have the full set of ratings from DNB®*  meaning an established business credit profile with them it will also be rejected. This means that even if you have net terms with a good supplier it is very likely that it will not post. Alternatively, if you have trades for $50 these might generate a Paydex but will do little to nothing to procure substantial business credit. Would you offer an unknown company $10k without a PG if all you had was 5 experiences of paying $50 for toiletries? DNB®*  is a very reputable company but rest assured their data integrity is much more important than the increasing revenue base they have been generating over the past few years for a "credit builder"

Another aspect of our industry is “unsecured business credit” with easy approvals of $50-150K.

These companies simply want an upfront fee to try and package a loan deal for you. In most cases going to a Wells Fargo, Citi or local bank to see if they can get you approved and charging hundreds up front and 10% of whatever they can get. Read the fine print, this is one of the worst things you can do. Most even say if they can’t get you approved (Remember “unsecured” doesn’t mean non-personally guaranteed) it simply means you’re not putting up collateral. The truth is they will charge sometimes $1000 if your scores are not the required 720 to get an “unsecured” business loan. If you want a business loan and have scores of 720 plus, go to your local bank, AMEX, or a micro loan intermediary for amounts under $35k and don’t pay these companies. But be sure to look at the future, use business credit cards that don’t report the debt on your personal credit. Build business credit now and separate the two correctly.  If you need more than $35k you need a business credit rating, period. If your scores are not 720 then our program was built for you. If your scores are 720 let us help and do both. Yes a 500 personal score will have real business cards (Visa/MC) and a 6-700 score due to debt or mistakes we will personally work with you to help your business succeed. No other service offers a turnkey approach. We can even help you cut through the personal credit scams and have the resources to get any negatives off your file (if it is possible!) and you only pay when it is officially removed by our partners.

Then there is the Corporate Credit Network.  "The REAL TrueBuild Corporate Credit Building Program"

We have been establishing properly structured business credit profiles successfully for over nine years now.  We have put over 33,000 entrepreneurs and their businesses through our process, and our credit technicians are college educated professionals.  Some of them were former analysts at DNB and/or Experian Business; others were former credit officers from banks and lenders.  They know the credit markets inside and out and know exactly what the credit bureaus, vendors, and lenders are looking for to get you access to the capital and credit you need to grow your business.  Wouldn’t you rather have someone like that working for your business instead of high school drop-outs reading from a sales script in a telemarketing room?

Business Credit is a legitimate outlet to enhance or provide your company cash flow.  CCN stands out with real proprietary processes and vendors that offer start-ups real credit lines that are reported to the agencies. There is no company anywhere that can get the results CCN can. We have more experience and have successfully built more business credit files than all other services online or anywhere combined. This can be said definitely, everyday customers come on board and are relieved to find out that after a year or more with one of the companies above, there is one that can get real results, not false promises. Whatever can be done in our field to help enhance your company’s cash flow, including all the lending products available for business in this country, are available and your technician will walk you through each one with no regard to trying to take any additional monies after you have become a member.

TrueBuild Corporate Credit Building Program
Give us a call whenever is convenient to see how we can help. Remember if your money goes to Vegas it will probably stay in Vegas, rest assured there are reputable entrepreneurs that are on your side and want you to succeed. Our company started almost 15 years ago with the same fundamental search for capital that yours did and our success is yours.

What about the resources I NEED after I have good credit?
As you can imagine knowing where to go is half the battle. We have one single mission. That is to find your company funding and creative capital, no matter what your situation good or bad. Not at OUR profit but because we are owner/ entrepreneurs also and need a helping hand and trust in a world of scams. If you join ANY Corporate Credit Program, or if you try it on your own (trust us you will be back and read this again in 6 months scratching your head with a staples and maybe a gas card wondering why you wasted all that time with no results) we will do our best to meet every one of your expectations and to that end hope for you and your family’s absolute success!

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