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Most of the Cut and Paste "Programs" will try and Up -Charge you $2500 or more to fill out  a simple application for you if you have good personal credit!

Over 33,000 companies have gone through this program since 2001

Countless need money, this is NOT our first time exploring every avenue to get an entrepreneur money! YES in light of the new stimulus acts the micro loan lenders, banks, intermediaries, and others are lending now MORE than ever. As part of the program you can also get all the resources you need to procure $50-$150k in cash TODAY with Yours or any Personal Guarantor over 720!

This is a separate SERVICE included within your CCN membership

Your business needs either your OR "someone" to personally guarantee these Business Lines of Credit. We can even a  help with a "credit partner recruitment kit" if your personal credit is blemished!

You can get approved for theses Lines of Credit QUICKLY!! Usually within a few weeks.

This is an additional SERVICE of the TrueBuild Corporate Credit Program. This program is for people who ARE willing to personally guarantee their initial business credit OR have a personal guarantee (credit partner) This all the while building the credit for their Corporation's stand alone NON-Personally Guaranteed Business Credit through the CCN Program.

Micro Loans

These loans did not exist in their present form a few years ago and the administration has pushed hard for their availability to small business. It used to be that you would have to give a bank or a business lender your full business plan, financial statements, balance sheet, tax returns, and bank statements to apply, and if everything didn't look great, you could forget about getting funded fro even small amounts under $50k.

Even in today's economy Banks and Lenders are not going to sit around and NOT lend money. They have to "feed the machine" or they literally go out of business. So what have banks and lenders done? They have started offering a whole new product line of easy to qualify for ONE PAGE APPLICATION, no-doc and stated income products for business owners with 720+ scores. These products don't yet have a bad name on Wall Street, and so the lenders are giving them out with ease.

So the right questions to be asking are: Who do you go to for these loans? What are the basic qualifying criteria?
Your CCN technician is a college educated and trained professional who knows what it takes to get approved.
What you MUST know to maximize APPROVALS:
bulletWhat are the Hot Spots! What causes automatic declines?
bulletWho, What, and Where to Apply??
bulletWho is verifying income? Who is not?
bulletWhere is the application and how do I fill it out?

We have gained this knowledge through hard won experience helping huge volumes of clients get approved and seeing what's gone wrong and why. You CAN side step most application disasters before they occur.
What if I have a family member or someone that might be a Credit Partner?
Good question. We've seen the most success when potential credit partners are given complete written information that addresses their most common fears and concerns. We have developed a "case study packet" that displays copies of actual applications, with the actual agreements highlighted - it even shows an example of a credit line obtained, and shows a business credit report showing the line of credit reporting under the company's tax ID number, and also shows a copy of the personal credit report that was run on the personal guarantor months later showing that the loan does not show up there. Most importantly the packet also includes a complete summary explaining how this works and how common it is. We have found that your chances of success skyrocket if you have this packet, along with the legal agreements that you sign which protect the credit partner and limit their liability regarding company affairs. We've found that the more professional, legal and "together" you are when you present the idea to your prospective credit partner, the more likely you are to get a "yes".
Do these lines of credit show up on the credit partner's credit report, or affect their debt ratio when they apply for loans?
No. They don't affect the financial life of the person who signs at all - it's like nothing ever happened - unless the business stops making the payments.
There are companies who offer to fill these applications out for you, and they charge anywhere from 3% to 9% of the amount of money that you get approved for. This is what they call selling "Business Credit" this is not real business credit like TrueBuildSM  Corporate Credit Program and it's why we offer it totally FREE as part of your membership!
These applications are LITERALLY one page applications that contain the same type of questions you'd see on a one page credit card application. Next to no documentation is required for them.
Can you imagine being in a business where you fill out a one page application for someone, and then if and when they get approved for $50K, they owe you between 1,500 and 4,500?
This program is a BONUS Service of TrueBuild  Corporate Credit Program

Your Technician will work with you to get exactly what is available today:

bulletIf you have good personal credit and get a business loan declined, STOP
bulletWhat banks that are the most aggressive in offering MICRO Loans
bulletWHICH banks verify the income you state and which one's don't
bulletThe application process will be done for you to avoid mistakes by your CCN technician!

If you DON'T have this kind of credit personally (720+), and want to take advantage of it while building your business credit to stand on it's own, our MICRO LOANS APPROVAL service offers you the following resources:

bulletCredit partner presentation kit for you to use to recruit a credit partner
bulletContracts you can use to bring the credit partner into your business.
bulletContracts that limit partner's liability, and establishing what they get.

How much is good credit worth to your company?

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