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Vendor Program

Vendor Relationship Program

The Vendor Relationship Program has two main benefits, one for the Vendor (that's you), and one for the CCN member. By becoming a Vendor, you are you are being granted access to an untapped reservoir of clients that are required to buy products and services exclusively from the vendors that are associated with the TrueBuildSM  Corporate Credit Program. We have thousands of members that are currently at different stages of the TrueBuildSM  Corporate Credit Program who need to make purchases with your company. Some of the vendors that have joined The Vendor Relationship Program have doubled and even tripled their revenue by working with our clients.  

CCN Members also benefit from purchasing from approved vendors. When a new vendor is added, they agree to report the transaction history to the credit bureaus. CCN Members are strongly encouraged to purchase from the various CCN vendors because of the fact that they are trying to build their business credit profile. We have explained to each vendor that they must report to the credit bureaus each time a member pays the balance owed to them on time.  

Every single member is looking for a broad range of products and services to offer them lines of credit without requiring any background information or credit history on their business or them personally. By agreeing to this, your company has the potential to grow with us and the revenue that will be generated from the CCN Members.

FREE Advertising for your Business

If you offer a product or service that most businesses need or want, you can receive FREE advertising through the TrueBuildSM  Corporate Credit Program.

As a Vendor, you will have access to thousands of businesses each month that are seeking products and services for their business.

Yes! Just by offering a business product or service you can receive FREE advertising and new sales for your business.

The CCN Program allows your company to receive FREE advertising in return for offering a business product or service on credit terms and reporting payment experiences with your clients to the business credit bureaus.

You can become a Premier Vendor and your companies advertisement will be emphasized.

Offering Credit for Your Clients

Offering credit for your business products and services will not only increase sales with FREE advertising from CCN, it will open a whole new market for your business.

85% of all equipment sold in the United States is sold on financing agreements. This means if a significant portion or your company sales are not from financing programs, you and your company could be losing significant sales and profit to competitors.

Credit terms can be a portion of the sale amount paid up front and the remaining due in 30 days or 100% due in 15 or 30 or 60 days from the date of the sale. You decide the credit terms you provide.

Why do Most Businesses Not Offer Credit

Businesses are worried a client won't pay.

As a member of the CCN Program you and your business can be assured any clients that are referred to you will pay. The clients of CCN belong to a credit building program that they have paid to be a part of. They are not going to pay for a service to assist them in building their business credit and then not pay a vendor, who will report negatively about their business's payment history. The negative report will destroy the clients business credit and defeat the purpose of joining the credit building program.

To Qualify for the Vendor Partnership Program

bullet Offer a Product or Service to Businesses
bullet Have Competitive Pricing
bullet Extend Credit Terms
bullet Have Pertinent Business Licenses
bullet Have Business Credit Established
bullet Be an active member of TrueBuildSM

To Begin the Vendor Program; review the following requirements, fill out the info & we'll contact you ASAP!

bullet A short description of the services or products your business provides that will be posted on our site
bullet Have a working website
bullet Be able to provide your product or service nationwide
bullet A landing page designed specifically for TrueBuildSM  members (recommended but not required)
bullet Offer credit terms to TrueBuildSM members (Ex: Net 30, Revolving, 50% down, etc)
bullet Report all transactions with TrueBuildSM  members to credit bureaus (We will show how do this)
bullet Set up a revenue sharing program to become a premier vendor.




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