get money for your business

Get Money for Your Business

Running your business takes vision, dedication, and hard work. And it also takes money. In fact, nearly half of all small businesses applied for financing in the past year. Whether you need to manage cash flow, update equipment, or take advantage of a growth opportunity, you need access to capital to ensure your business can thrive.

So how do you get it? What if you have bad personal credit?

We have good news; even if you’ve been turned down in the past or you have bad personal credit you can get access to the money you need to run your business.

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Detailed Organization

It may seem like an odd place to start, but the foundation for getting financing is good organization. Ensuring your business is set up as an LLC or incorporated and has an EIN number will help you quickly create and build a strong business profile. Many businesses are denied financing simply because of incorrect or mismatched business data.

Keep Your Business and Personal Separate

There’s a famous saying, “it’s not personal, it’s business.” That’s good advice for you too; your business should be separate from your personal affairs. Set up a business bank account using your EIN number; make sure the phone lines, internet, bills, salaries, and other business expenses are paid through your business account.

Focus On Business Credit

Organization and separation are key steps in building and establishing business credit. Robust business credit is one of the best ways to get money for your business. A strong business credit rating lets lenders and bankers know your business is trustworthy. It also helps you lower costs, negotiate rates, and develop meaningful professional[1]

Skip the Big Bank

Big banks still dominate the lending and financing world, but they’re often impersonal and difficult to deal with. Don’t worry, they’re not the only source of capital available to you. There are many non-traditional sources of financing, cash, and credit you can tap into to help run your business.

The vendors and suppliers you already work with most likely offer a financing or credit option. Likewise, store credit cards are a great way to get the supplies and equipment you need to run your business. These options allow you to finance purchases, manage cash flow, and build business credit at the same time.

Work With a Professional

Simply put, there’s no replacement for the experience of a professional. Over 70% of businesses seeking financing asked for help from an expert. Building business credit and finding financing and capital can be complicated; working with an expert ensures your business is set up correctly, takes advantage of all avenues of financing and credit available, and follows the steps necessary to establish strong business credit.

Get Money for Your Business with Corporate Credit

13903385550_62b8ac45c4_oAt Corporate Credit, our True Build Credit Program gets your business the financing it needs. Since 2001, we’ve helped over 33,000 business owners just like you get access to credit cards, financing, loans, lines of credit, and more. Our proven track record will help you build robust business credit, get the supplies and financing you need, and set your business up for real success.

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