Hello Entrepreneur,

I was given your information as you were looking online for a business loan and may have had a hard time achieving financing. The reason for declines for small business’ like us, secondary only to personal credit challenges, are lack of credit in the business name. To introduce myself I have been helping business owners like you and I for 12 year and started out in 2000 with no personal credit, and a failed business due to a lack of credit. To read my story it is on our FAQ’s here. We have helped over 18k clients achieve their dreams, not all have succeeded because all we deal with is how to achieve funding, it is up to you to use credit wisely. Those that have: they have joined me on a tough journey that has lead to flawless business and personal credit and the ability to be approved for any loan amount or product that our revenue and repayment ability can support. Rest assured you can do the same. Be realistic and send me your inquiry and if you’re asking for $2 million dollars and don’t even have a personal credit card then I hate to be blunt, but even owning a business is probably not for you. Owning a business is for those whom are realistic and intelligent. If however you are a realistic and intelligent entrepreneur, with challenges, I can assure you that no one can help you like I can.

Right now the most important thing ANY business owner can do is get real and know where they stand. A business that is ran without accurate inventory will always go bankrupt. Take a few minutes, with myself or one of my Funding Directors, to find out what EXACTLY it takes to follow the journal of real and successful business funding milestones. Experian and Dunn and Bradstreet, if you are in business and a Corp. or LLC, has got a number on you. If you are an adult and a US citizen then TU, EXP, and EQ have a number on your personally. Please don’t be a fool and read things online by Public Relations and Marketing people or forums from scammers about how they know the golden ticket. It’s all search engine ranking nonsense. I am a founding member of our industry, of such I can realistically say there are only a very small handful. The information you may read from Google is full of so much nonsense and business loan “brokers” that are nothing more than “yaya” queens and telemarketers trying to make a quick buck, or worse just affiliate links to others that don’t know any more than they do. My research has been regurgitated so many times online and twisted in regards to building business credit and raising capital it sounds like a bad nightmare. I am your source for real information and want to help. I am even willing to invest in you and give you honest answers.

If you don’t qualify for what you really need to get some funding to help you build your business; I am confident that no business in this county can give you a better, more clear and concise answer than we can. If you are incorporated I will be happy to pay the $35 to pull you Business Credit reports from DNB and EXP and if you know your personal scores we can give you an answer on the spot as to what exactly you should do. I am an expert in my field of which in my ten years of hard experience is the reason any of us pay attorneys, accountants or anyone else that has proven to have an education and competency. My funding advisors are handpicked and plucked from the best and can give you a real answer. Want free money from the government? Call them and waste time on micro lending and dreamer sites. Want funding that is real, call me I have your answer and if we can’t no one can. There is no funding program and its underwriting criteria that we are not aware of. It doesn’t matter if it is the most ridiculously small Citibank cards for office supplies from Staples or $500k lines of credit from Wells Fargo, to SBA loans and the process to success. WE are the #1 resource in the world and again if we can’t help no one can. I guarantee that.

Why would you waste time and try to do this on your own? Don’t listen to a telemarketer, whom has never owned a business, talk about how they will throw your social on the wall and see what sticks for some 5-10% of what they can get for you. Nothing could be more ridiculous and hurt your chances than a bunch of business and personal inquiries. I am a real person who successfully took the journey myself and it is my only goal to help others in the same shoes. All I ask is that you put aside what you think you might know, and let real experience do the walking. It is actually much more simple that you might think, and if you have been declined for anything credit related for your business STOP what you are doing ASAP. Let us do it right, some mistakes do not have second chances. This is the real American dream and we are you tool to success.

Thank You,
Mike T. Berrien | Principal
Sales & Business Finance Consulting
TrueBuild Corporate Credit Program