With the great success of my previous BLOG POST regarding the pool contractor our client (7 new TrueBuild Elite clients within 48 hours) I thought I would share another success story.  Perhaps you can relate and see how his story may help your business.

This is a florist in the Atlanta area.  He had been in business for about four years.  It was a modest beginning with a 500sf store and one used delivery van.  Like a lot of entrepreneurs he was putting in 70 hour weeks and just getting by.  But his hard work over time had started to pay off and in a couple of years and he expanded to a 1,500sf store and added two more delivery vans.  Then, a year later he expanded to a 2,700sf store and added another delivery van.  He was now servicing the entire Atlanta metro area.  The profit margins in the retail florist are not the biggest and there is lots of competition so keeping costs down is the key to sustaining growth.  As he grew, he started experiencing growing pains.  The four delivery vans he owned were purchased used.  All had V8’s, got terrible mileage and were starting to break down frequently.  He was paying for fuel with the businesses debit card and was running $2,000 a month in repairs just to keep his vans on the road.  All of his cash flow and profits were getting eaten up but fuel costs and repairs so he had a problem on his hands.

His personal credit had taken a beating when he first started and he hadn’t time to repair it and quite frankly, didn’t even know separate business credit even existed.  He had received one of our emails and called in and I just happened to be the one that answered the call.  Within 30 minutes he signed up for our TrueBuild Business Credit Building Program.  For over 13 years it has set the bar as the industry’s gold standard and over 15,000 businesses have used it to grow their companies.  No other business credit building program gets the results we do. It was a no brainer for him.

Within four months we were able to build fully structured A+ business credit profiles with all three of the major business credit bureaus.  We obtained a Wright Express fuel card for him with a $15k credit limit so he was better able to manage his fuel costs.  But the best was yet to come. With only six months in the program we were able to negotiate a master lease for six brand new Ford Transit Connect delivery vans.  With the additional two vans he was able to expand even further.  With their extremely efficient four cylinder engines he was able to cut his fuel costs by more than half.  And he could cover the entire monthly payment on what he was spending on repairs alone not to mention projecting a better company image.

All of this was done with no personal guarantees.

Does this sound like something your business could use?  Working Capital, Inventory and Equipment Financing and virtually every type of business credit is within reach by going through the TrueBuild Program.  Why don’t you give me a call at 800.730.9490 to see how your business can benefit from it.

Thank You,
Mike T. Berrien | Principal
Sales & Business Finance Consulting
TrueBuild Corporate Credit Program