Hello Entrepreneur,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to our prospective client base about the HUGE differences between the old programs and platforms I wrote many years ago now (before the economy changed) and our TrueBuild program. You may doubt that I, personally, did indeed write the programs you have heard about or even signed up for, but you may call at any time so that we can provide proof. This includes just about all the scam type companies and 80% of the searches you will do on Google including any forums. These companies revolve around (I am SPECIFICALLY speaking to pure non personally guaranteed business credit) getting a Paydex score and telling you that you will be able to get non-personally guaranteed Visa/ MasterCard’s. I hope you find the time to read this, and my motivation is to provide clarity stemming from a few clients whom have come across my desk that are possibly hopeless for me to fix at this point.

ONLY TrueBuild is doing this right now! Yes, I am stating that, point blank, only my service is capable of doing this right now. How do I know? I wrote most all of those other marketed programs years ago, and they are all selling a lie about Home Depot MasterCard, Key Bank MasterCard, Pitney Bowes MasterCard, Sam’s Club Discover, and CSI MasterCard. Of these, and these are the ONLY ones they know about, ONLY the CSI card is still offering a business non PG credit card and it is a NET-15 account. The backend for the 5 largest companies “selling” business credit I wrote many years ago and is completely outdated information. The largest online service is an outright copy and paste of one of our previous programs. These are the facts.

Now as to DNB themselves, as you may know, they offer a “credit build” program. I could write books about why you DO NOT want to do this! Not to save a petty few hundred dollars, but do you think that ANY real company that is building business credit pays DNB? They will say just build your “full” and “rated” profile with them directly then go to commonly known office supply vendors and such and you will get this “magic” Paydex score. Office Depot and Staples, which are pretty common in my mind in as far as office supply companies, were burned so bad by DNB that they stopped using them years ago now. So let’s cut through some more BS here, when you get declined from Office Depot and Staples, or ANY CitiBank backed card you immediately damage your Experian Business files.

My industry is about “selling” business credit and the old ways of doing things, DO NOT work anymore. Sure in 2001 when I began my journey in this industry, it took me literally 1 day to get the cards that I documented vigilantly and found all the approval criteria for. This is the outdated information you are buying when you sign up for EVERY other service out there. Yes I mean every other one that is notable; I have a membership and have planted “vendors” in ALL of them.

So now what DO you do to build business credit now? OK, first don’t get ANY declines. This will rack up unnecessary inquiries on your Experian Business file. Some old tricks still work, like buying from Uline, Reliable, Grainger, etc. You can even pay DNB for a Paydex, but what next? Apply for a Key bank credit card, how about a Home Depot MasterCard? THEY DO NOT EXIST ANYMORE! You will start by allowing my company to add trades with significant dollar amounts, buy form the low end net 30’s that report, and THEN you will get what is being approved right now! TrueBuild is the only company that psychotically researches what is approved right now. Don’t believe me??

Apply for Sears INSTEAD of Office Depot and Staples (if you insist on paying DNB or allowing another scam company out of Vegas selling my research, or the copy and paste sites that look like ours to give you the list of Net 30’s to get a file established) they might get you a Paydex and that will get you Sears and 5 others that are meaningful right now, but NOT Depot and Staples. Why? They don’t even have a clue about what they are doing. If you want to read old forums, spin your wheels and waste thousands go ahead and do what some clients have done previous to coming to me, and stunted what our program can do for them. But I am telling you this is a fact, I am the best there is, and I want to help you. NO-ONE knows more about business credit than I do, period.

OK, now what’s next with no PG? Well how about we get you approved, in house, for a “contract loan” in which I have a company that will give you $10k based upon your good business credit and we will use that to get more secured Visa and MasterCard’s that will report for your business. Yes, the ones that I cannot believe our competitors don’t even know about. I have a Bank of America card with no PG in my pocket for $50k. Ask ANY low end sales rep, or the owner of any other company (besides maybe Trent and Chad Lee whom just closed down because even THEY were scammed by he same company that stole my work) on the face of this planet how many buildings they own, cars, and credit cards they have with no PG and what they will say is, “None”!

When you get this sales pitch, and before you spend $2000 or $60 a month for something that will RUIN your business credit just ask, “If this is the Holy Grail to starting a business then why are you just a telemarketer?” I am truly sick and tired of my old research being bastardized, and since the economy has changed, watching low end companies with no research literally ruining people’s real business credit. If they don’t tell you UP FRONT where you stand with Experian Business, RUN! You CANNOT tell a company where they will go if you don’t know where they are starting!!! So please, even if you have a little business credit, apply for the Sears Commercial account, get the $10k. DON’T apply for Office Depot or Staples until we talk. And when you do call us, I have instructed our reps to give you another nugget of REAL information on an account that used to be hard to get, and has approved our client base for over a million just LAST WEEK!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if my grammar is not perfect and I offend you then simply unsubscribe and you will be taken off my new “nugget of good info about business credit” list forever.

Thank You,
Mike T. Berrien | Principal
Sales & Business Finance Consulting
TrueBuild Corporate Credit Program